La Famille Sucre

In this picture, we see two brave dragon-hunters.  I am on the right, decked out in my dragon-hunting coat, special hat, and protective eye-wear.  My daughter is on the right, wearing her special dragon-killing outfit, complete with magic wand and helmet.  Though the dragon got away, they knew not to come back to our apartment.

The Future Dr. Sugar, Ph.D.

Bio: Disabled. Hyperactive. Disorganized. Anti-Authoritarian. Highly Effective*.

I am a teacher of New Language Arts English (ENL/TESOL) to exceptional learners (“Special Education”) at Harry S Truman High School in Bronx, New York.

My joy is guiding young adults towards literacy and productive lives. In my spare time, I rhyme, study the martial sciences, cook for my wife, and play with my daughter.


The purposes of this website are threefold:

  1. To share research and research with the educational community.
  2. To document my personal experiences as I grow as an educator, while commenting on education, labor, and society.
  3. To provide public accountability so that I reach my personal goals.
  4. To mock, satirize, jive, jeer, jest, jeckle, heckle, hoodwink, bamboozle and flim-flam banal aspects of academic life.**


This blog is informed by my own experiences as:

  • An adult with multiple learning disabilities.
  • A father and husband.
  • A doctoral student (ongoing).
  • A Teacher’s Union Organizer and Lobbyist that worked in multiple states.
  • An educational sales rep for corporate America.
  • A private tutor, both for the privileged and undeserved alike.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Peace. Love. Respect.

-The Future Doctor Sugar



  • According to the Danielson Rubric For Teaching, I am rated as a “Highly Effective” teacher on the basis of classroom instructional observations.
  • According to the NYS battery of teacher examinations, I am in the 96th percentile in every subject area.
  • My GRE scores place me in the bottom 25th percentile for Verbal Reasoning AND Mathematical Reasoning.
  • My credit score is in the Good range, with a poor debt-to-income ratio (you read that part about the Master’s Degree and Ph.D, yes?).

**Did you see what I did there?