Truman Students Visit The MasterCard Tech Hub

Monday, March 12, 2018:
Eight senior class students from Harry S Truman High School visited with the staff of MasterCard, Inc’s Tech Hub location in the Silicon Alley section of Manhattan.  Attendees were given a hands-on tour of MasterCard’s technological innovations in retail and data management.  Students had the opportunity to speak with product managers, engineers, and human resource professionals about career paths in the 21st century.  These students asked poignant questions about computer programming, post-secondary education and internships.
Praise to Mr. Raike for setting up the trip!  Encourage the following students for taking the time towards meaningful career experiences:
Archibald, Dante
Boampong-Appiah, Edwin
Chapman, Marlon
Chapman, Ruben
Chico, Ruben
Gomez, Joncarlos
Paula-Nunez Sebasthian
Yinusa, Jeffrey
Our Future Professionals!
MasterCard 2
Observing The Integration of Robotics Into The Retail Experience

WISE: Entry One – Time and Space, 09/18/2022

Five years of Doctoral study has offered new perspectives on Space and Time.  It was only yesterday that I offered my first introductory video, (of course in rhyme), the “Ode to My Future Self:”

Now, I can truly mean it when I spit the bars:

“You better get a


to come see me.

I flex with a rep

from BX

to DC.

I rap with

a masters

in dropping

your steeze –

these scripts

is Doctorate,

kids, PhDeez.”


All joviality aside, Space and Time has new meaning for a recently knighted PhD.  “Dr. Sugar” can now appreciate the doctoral journey fading into the rear-view mirror of my car.  Time snaps forward sooner than we realize – especially when academic deadlines are looming.  Simultaneously, time often seems to stand still – especially in the long hours of an “all-nighter”, when aforementioned deadlines have somehow penetrated a wormhole and are now due immediately.

This academic journey began with a single step – researching the PhD position.  Then, creating a vision for myself.  Before I realized it, I was taking Introduction to Academic Writing and Mathematical Reasoning classes.  With a snap of a finger, two semesters were done.  That’s when an odd change came over me – I started referring to myself as a “Learning Scientist” and discussing “Cognition” in casual conversation.

The Changing of the Guard

My thesis – Instruction of Exceptional English Language Learners – forged my academic and contemplative abilities in a crucible.  Standing before my professors to defend my work made the hardest Kumite Karate Sparring session look like patty-cake!

These days, I see my daughter bend Space and Time – she’s about to start first grade.  I now watch her progress as both a father and a researcher.  It was my passion that began with a dream, then became a vision.  From my vision, I created a plan, then implemented, evaluated, and modified that plan.  Today, my dream has been fulfilled – not only do the doubters have to call me “Dr. Sugar,” but the most sensitive learning populations in public schooling have sound research to advise the professionals that teach them.